Project 2 Media Art class

A lot of people don’t know how to interpret a work. They don’t know the emotions or the message that artist want to transmit. Knowing that, I want to help viewers to know how to interpret a work by their own. With the Tate Timeline project we were supposed to make a visualization of this well known Timeline by choosing some important art period and art work. Because some viewers don’t really know what to feel when they look at the work I want to expose them to some artist’s work with a time limit. For this experience I will need a projector, works that represent different emotions and a empty room. First, when the visitors are entering the space, they are welcomed by a black screen with scripture that will explain what this experience is about and what they are suppose to do. Then, each work will b projected with a time limit of 30 second. By looking with limit time different works that shows totally different emotions viewers will notice that the way they feel toward the work will change. This is an example in image:                                                                       salle vide      hhhhh


In addition, to those images that will appear on the screen a music that transmit the same emotions than the work will be play. Consequently, the analyze of it will be easier for the viewers.


Then I made research about other technologies and this is what I found.

Anamorphic Mirror, Deutsche Bank 2011


The interaction between the visitors and the work is really interesting because what they see changes as they move.


Wall Showroom, Berlin 2002




Kinetic Rain, Changi Airport in Singapore 2012








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