African Art

Today, I want to share with you my love with African Art mainly in the painting. I really love this kind of art first because of the colors. As we can see they mostly use the primary colors:red, blue and yellow; knew in the art as magenta, cyan and yellow. These colors are really attractive, at first glance it feels immediately brightens. Indeed they awaken the senses, that’s why we can find these 3 principles colors in the babies’ toys. We can se through the gallery below that African Art is a kind of modern art because of the architectural style of the draw, the geometric style, the colored style. As in the Cubism Art which is an amazing other kind of modern art that we will see next time. Furthermore, in the African Art you can notice the presence of the maternity spirit. Maternity is highly present in this art with women, babies. The musical spirit is also mainly represented.


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